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What is a Companion Care Agency?

Companion care is a form of companionship for seniors. People who are hired by companion care agencies are sent out to lend emotional support to the elderly who have chosen to keep living in their own homes to maintain their independence. Companion caregivers do much more than just lend emotional support. In fact, they offer a wide range of services that can end up saving a life and bring true value to senior citizens.

What Services Can a Companion Provide?

The simple act of checking in on someone who lives alone and may not have anyone else to rely on is important. Caregivers can also assist with daily routines and chores, light housekeeping, preparing and cooking meals, as well as helping the elderly get around to wherever they may need to go.

Companion caregivers also help maintain appointments and scheduled meetings as well as plan social activities. The importance of this should not be understated. Carers help them exercise and interact with family members.

Some Companion Care Agencies can provide dementia care to those who need it, as well as maintain vigilance should signs of mental degradation begin to appear. Companion caregivers under an agency should also have medical training and be certified to perform a range of functions.

Who is this for?

There are many elderly seniors who desire to remain independent and to continue living in their own homes. This becomes more difficult as age wears at their body and mind and basic tasks become more difficult. A caregiver is perfect for a senior who wants to maintain their independence but does not require the assisted living facilities of a nurse.

How to find an agency?

A simple Google search for your city or town may usually be sufficient to find information about the best Companion Care Agencies around you. Agencies are also often listed in the yellow pages or the alternative for your area. Some States will even offer assistance and recommendations if you ask. Oftentimes, your local council or government support will be more than happy to assist you and guide your decision. The Regency Assisted Living is a companion care agency offering quality care for the elderly. Contact them to learn more about their services by calling (516) 674-3007.

Consider The Regency Assisted Living for your senior companion care needs.

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