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Laser Hair Removal for the Win

Laser Hair Removal in Chicago may seem like something that is only designed for the upper classes. However, it is an excellent investment for anyone who is tired of purchasing loads of razors, constantly plucking or feeling embarrassed by a dark or long hair in inappropriate places around the body. This is a common treatment

3 Benefits to Getting Plastic Surgery Today

Thinking about getting plastic surgery in Chicago IL? Here are 3 excellent benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you opt for the procedure: Boost self-confidence People often pursue plastic or cosmetic surgery for emotional reasons. Those who have a deformed body part, whether through birth or accident, can feel self-conscious and suffer extreme shyness as

Sclerotherapy is the Perfect Solution for Spider and Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy is a simple and effective FDA approved outpatient procedure utilized as treatment spider and varicose veins since the 1930’s. This procedure involves a series of injections containing sodium chloride, this sclerosing solution is then introduced to affected veins causing them to blanch and ultimately disappear. Your doctor is guided by the use of imaging

Why Undergo Nasal Surgery in Bethlehem?

With approximately 300,000 nose surgeries occurring every year in the U.S., rhinoplasty is at the forefront of facial interventions in America. In fact, in the United States and other countries around the world, it ranks fifth in all aesthetic operations combined. Developed by an Austrian doctor more than a century ago, surgical remodeling of the

Tips To Find A Nose Surgeon In Aurora, IL

If you’ve decided to consider rhinoplasty surgery in Aurora, IL, you’re not alone. Many men and women have decided that it is time to make a change to their face, but they’re not sure where to turn. The nose surgeon you choose is an important first step because this area will be seen by all.

What Is Voluma?

According to facial aesthetic experts, an attractive face is recognized as having smooth, round contours, a thin jawline and high cheekbones. These areas of the face form the triangle of beauty. As we get older, our faces will slowly start to show the inevitable signs of aging. Skin will drop, elasticity will reduce and fat

The Symptoms & Causes Of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are extremely common and occur when your veins become enlarged, overfilled with blood, and dilated. This can be extremely painful and can cause your veins to turn a color close to purple or red. These veins will look as though they are swollen and raised up on your skin. This is a condition