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What Are the VNG Tests and What Are They Used For?

VNG in Orlando helps a doctor diagnose the cause of a patient’s vertigo or dizziness. Balance problems, in general, are most common in people over 70. They can range in severity from a few second’s disorientation when getting up or changing position to frequently falling and having trouble walking. A person’s sense of balance depends

Dependable Medical Care

Accidents and injuries happen. When you get hurt, our walk-in clinic St Augustine is here for you. Our extended hours make it easy for you to be seen at times when your primary care doctor’s office is likely to be closed. If you do not have a primary care doctor, we can help you with

What Every Patient Considering FTM Reassignment Surgery Really Needs

The symptoms of gender dysphoria can appear as early as infancy or childhood. It’s a devastating reality that has divided countless families trying to understand this complex science. Although there’s incredible support out there to help trans people and their loved ones navigate the whirlwind of emotions and challenges, families still struggle to accept female-to-male

3 Reasons Customers Schedule Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh, PA Homes

It is becoming common for multi-story Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania homes to include mechanical lifts installed on stairways. Mobility-challenged residents who want to gain more independence often arrange for Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA homes. Homeowners who find it difficult to climb stairs without falling may use the devices. Seniors often have lifts added so they