Is Rehab the Right Choice? Getting the Help Needed

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Health


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If you have a child or a loved one that has a substance addiction, you may want to consider rehab. Rehab can be very effective for some people, although battling an addiction is a lifelong process. Research and many studies have proved that an addiction is a disease that can only be treated. Some rehab programs are completed in residential facilities in Burnsville.

What is a Residential Facility?

They are facilities that people that have substance abuse problems, behavioral issues, and mental illnesses can get treatment while living there. Studies have shown that these facilities can be very effective for people who have battled an addiction for a long period. Family members can visit patients in the facility once their treatment has reached a certain phase.

What is Done in a Residential Facility?

A residential facility can offer all the normal phases of a rehabilitation program. From detoxing to discharging, a patient can stay in this facility. Staying in a facility can help the rehab process. The patient will have someone to help take care of them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. While some facilities can be expensive, some insurances may cover part of the costs. Included in the price is all the patient’s cost of living as well.

They will feed the patient three meals a day, change their bedsheets, administer any medication that is needed, and hold their therapy sessions. These therapy sessions are vital to an addict’s recovery process. Many patients need to go through a detox, and then three levels of therapy to be released from a facility. The three levels of therapy include group, individual, and family; all these are very important and beneficial. Some facilities are voluntary ones, so you will want to check and make sure the patient can’t sign their self out. Overall, these facilities can help people achieve the first steps in recovery.

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