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3 Tips to Help Seniors Recover from Surgery Faster and Easier in Monterey

As you get older, you may have to go into the hospital for a surgical procedure. Surgery is especially tough for seniors because they need proper post-surgery care. Seniors also tend to heal slowly and are at risk for complications. Read on for three tips to help seniors recover from surgery faster and easier.

Get a Home Health Aide

Senior home care in Monterey, CA, can help seniors recover inside of their homes. They can also offer support to caregivers. Senior home care in Monterey, CA, can help with wound changing and make sure the patient takes medication on time.

Buy Required Items Before Surgery

Many seniors will bring home medication after surgery, but may require additional items. They may need leg braces, compression socks, hospital beds, and wheelchairs for the recovery process. It can be stressful trying to buy these items at the last minute.

Understand Your Parent’s Limitations

It is important for seniors not to do too much immediately after surgery. The healing process tends to be slower for the elderly. You do not want your parent to do something that will put them back at square one. If your elderly parent has knee surgery, then he or she should keep the leg elevated on a pillow.

If you are a caregiver to someone who had surgery, then it is important to take care of yourself and the patient. You will need someone who can help out with your parent. The key is to keep everyone involved well-rested. Contact VNA & Hospice at to schedule an appointment today. Follow them on facebook.

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