A Look at Senior Living Services in Communities Located in Newtown

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Senior Healthcare


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When it comes to a senior living community in Newtown, PA, there are many options available. Older people can choose between independent living, a skilled nursing facility, palliative care, and memory assistance. Each branch offers its own unique activities and has experienced professionals.

Independent Living

If someone opts to move into an independent living environment, they give up the stresses that come with homeownership, like landscaping and maintenance. The facility can foster friendships and rekindle old hobbies or ignite new interests. Some other perks are housekeeping and meals.

Skilled Nursing

There are two general forms of skilled nursing. Short-term care is suitable for someone recovering from an injury or surgery and requires some assistance until they can get back on their feet again. Long-term care programs help individuals with medical issues that prevent them from living alone, but with some help, they can thrive and still enjoy activities and social events. Older people working through rehabilitation can also get skilled nursing care at senior-orientated facilities.

Palliative Care

Individuals with serious health issues can seek palliative care at a senior living community in Newtown, PA. This service helps to alleviate the stress that comes with a difficult diagnosis. The staff will work with caregivers and the person’s medical team to provide physical and mental support. Some of the professionals that work in this branch are nurse practitioners, medical directors, and clergy. People can get assistance with doctor’s appointments, medication, and therapy.

This is a small sampling of the services that these specialized communities offer.

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