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Florida Morphine Detox at Home

Morphine and heroin are close cousins, they both have an origin in the Asian copy, also called Papaver Somniferum. However, heroin is a street drug, whereas morphine is manufactured by pharmaceutical companies all over the world. It is available as a pill, a suppository, or as an injectable. Another difference is that morphine is a

Suboxone: 5 Things to Know

Suboxone, which is a combination of generic name buprenorphine and naloxone, is an opioid type of medication, often termed a narcotic. As a prescription drug, it’s widely recommended by doctors as a replacement for methadone, CNN reports. Unlike methadone, it’s often less dangerous in an overdose and often less likely to be abused. However, that

What to Look for in a Sober Living Facility

The period directly after detox and initial treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most vulnerable points in a recovering addict’s life. Stress and common triggers cause the instance of relapse to be incredibly common in the newly-sober. Sober living facilities assist these people in remaining sober while rebuilding their broken lives.