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Doctors in Schaumburg IL Provide a Variety of Medical Care

Families need to find a family doctor that will treat them quickly when they are injured or not feeling well. Trips to the emergency room at the local hospital are very expensive. These should be reserved for a true medical emergency. Many smaller issues can be treated just as well by Doctors in Schaumburg IL in their own offices. Many family practitioners have joined forces with imaging companies. Therefore it’s possible to get x-rays and ultrasounds at the docotor’s office. These can help the doctor quickly diagnose and treat a variety of medical problems.

Most family doctor in Schaumburg IL are comprised of more than one doctor. That means that the children can see a pediatrician while their parents make an appointment with a family practice doctor or internist. It is convenient when one medical office can provide services for the entire family. The staff gets to know everyone. When the child turns 18, they don’t have to scramble to find another doctor.

When a patient visits for the first time, the doctor will take a complete medical history. This allows the doctor and patient to get to know each other and helps the doctor assess the patient’s health. They can review all of the medications that the person is on and the policy for renewing prescriptions. Patients who are treated at the medical center can phone in their request for a prescription refill. The only exception is for those who use narcotic pain relievers. These patients will have to meet with their doctor. New patients will also have to make an appointment to get any type of prescription.

The doctors understand the need to see sick people quickly. They schedule check-ups and other well-person appointments and balance them with daily calls for treatment. Usually walk-in patients are seen after those with appointments. This policy may be suspended if a person walks into the office with a legitimate emergency.

While payment is expected at the time the medical services are provided, the medical center understands that this can stress a family budget. They work with patients on an individual basis to make sure that they get the care that they need.

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