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Urgent Care in Menifee, CA Ensures a Higher Level of Medical Care

Fortunately, people do not need to go to the emergency room for a broken arm or other non-life-threatening emergency today. They can go to a place that handles urgent medical needs in a clinic that is close to them. When you have this type of advantage, you can manage an unexpected injury or illness with less anxiety.

Seamlessly Handle an Emergency

By using the services of a facility that handles urgent care in Menifee, CA, you will find that any emergency situation can be handled more seamlessly. This type of care is also useful if you should get sick with an illness such as the flu and your regular doctor cannot see you. By having access to this type of care, you will have a backup source in times when you or your family need medical aid.

Just Walk Into the Clinic

What is nice about urgent care services today is that you can access them by merely walking into a clinic. For example, some of the health complaints that are treated include earaches, sprains and closed fractures, minor asthma attacks, sore throat, fever, cough, and minor lacerations and cuts.

Occupational Medicine

You can also use an urgent care facility for occupational medical needs. For example, employers can access the services for employees who need pre-employment exams, post-accident physicals, yearly physicals, and DOT physicals. You can also arrange to have pulmonary testing and exams and drug and alcohol testing.

Therefore, this type of care does not just focus on emergencies. It can also be used by employers and companies to ensure the wellness of their employees. If you would like to access these services, you can do so at a clinic such as Total Care Family Medical Center. The same facility also offers medical services to families. It is the one go-to source for all your health needs and testing.

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