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Reasons To Get Hair Transplant Procedure From Philadelphia Specialists

Is a part of your head balding to the extent that it makes you feel unattractive around Philadelphia? A hair transplant specialist in Philadelphia, PA can restore your look by surgically transferring follicles from one part of your body to the bald area.

It helps to find an experienced specialist for the following reasons:

Upfront Consultation

Specialists want their clients to benefit from their service. They explore all available options before recommending a transplant. They determine if you deserve a hair transplant, and if so, you get essential information about different types of transplants. You learn about the benefits and risks of each type. Your specialist listens to your needs and assists in choosing the appropriate procedure.

The Latest Transplant Methods

Hair transplant specialists keep up with the advances in hair loss treatment. They use the latest surgical techniques to harvest hair from healthy sites and transfer the follicles safely. The use of advanced methods helps with the proper spacing and distribution of transplanted follicles at proper angles.

Natural Look

Hair transplant specialists in Philadelphia, PA work with hair every day. Their familiarity with the scalp and hair growth helps them create a natural-looking hairline. A specialist will use techniques that enable you to regain a natural look without hinting at a hair transplant. Specialists have the skills to create a symmetrical appearance by placing transplanted hair in aesthetically pleasing positions.

Valuable Advice

Hair transplant specialist in Philadelphia, PA guides you throughout the procedure. Specialists will also explain how to care for your scalp after a transplant. They also follow up on your progress after the procedure.

Call for More Details

Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation is a reputable hair transplant clinic in Pennsylvania. The clinic, operated by licensed doctors, pioneered hair transplantation in Philadelphia and still provides the service after more than 20 years. Visit or call 516.487.3809 for more information about hair transplant procedures.

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