When Should You Visit a Retina Specialist in Jacksonville, FL?

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Optometrists


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The human eye is such a small but complex organ in the body. It comprises various components, each working independently to bring vision. The retina, for example, is the part of the eye that’s responsible for receiving light, organizing it, and sending it to the brain for visual interpretation.

When the retina is affected, your physician will definitely refer you to a retina specialist. The retina specialists are well trained to diagnose and treat retina and vitreous diseases. But the main question is, when do you visit a retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL? Well, if you suspect you have a problem with your eye, the following indicators will help you know when to visit these specialists:

Blurry Vision

In most cases, blurry vision is associated with two common things. First, it could mean that you need eyeglasses for clear vision. Secondly, it could mean an infection in the retina that needs special attention.

Visual Disturbances

If you suddenly start to experience visual disturbances, including obstructions or flashes, it can indicate a severe health problem in your eye, including retina tear or detachment. Therefore, to get a proper diagnosis, you need to see a retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL.

Recurring Eye Pain

When you experience occasional eye pain or itching, it shouldn’t cause any alarm. However, when such pain recurs for days, it should worry you. But before you rule out the pain, it’s wise that you visit a retina specialist.

Other indicators that should prompt you to visit a retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL, include eye infections, headaches, and squinting. If you experience such symptoms, you need to schedule an eye exam with Florida Eye Specialists. Contact us today or visit our site at https://www.floridaeyespecialists.com/.

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