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Help from a Fertility Clinic in Fresno, CA, Can Pave the Way to Pregnancy

It was a joyful moment the day you decided you wanted to become pregnant. Your view on life has shifted. You have a goal that you and your partner are working toward together. You thought it would be as simple as riding a bicycle. Conception was supposed to be a natural process. However, months have gone by. The pressure is on. You’re becoming stressed about the possibility that you may not be able to conceive. If it’s been a year without any luck, anxiety can take over. This especially holds true if you are 35 or older. Turning to a doctor who specializes in fertility can help you to learn about your options. Artificial insemination in Fresno, CA, may be the right option for you.

Artificial insemination in Fresno, CA, helps you to take advantage of a prime opportunity to conceive. Your fertility doctor will set the stage. It begins with determining when you are at your most fertile. Your body’s monthly cycle will be tracked in order to pinpoint when you are ovulating. This is the point when mature eggs are released to the uterus. Your specialist may recommend medication is taken to enhance your ovulation process. As this point in time is determined, your partner will need to submit a sample of sperm. The sperm will be prepared through sperm washing. This will ensure the healthiest sperm, free of chemicals that could hinder conception, will be ready for artificial insemination. When you come in for your treatment, the sperm will be delivered to your uterus via a tube. It could take you on the fast track to pregnancy. Visit Laurel Fertility Care to learn more about fertility options.

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