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Important Signs That It Might Be Time to See an Ophthalmologist in St. Augustine

Vision changes can happen for any number of reasons. The quality of our vision changes as we age, and when there are health issues going on, it can be greatly impacted by other factors in our lives.

There are a few signs that it may be time to see an ophthalmologist in St. Augustine. Here are some of the biggest signs that you should not ignore.

Eye Dryness

Dry eyes are no fun to deal with. Even in the best of situations, they can become an annoyance. In the worst case, your eyes can become extremely uncomfortable, making constant rubbing become a possibility.

Seeing an ophthalmologist in St. Augustine can help shed some light on the situation. Dry eyes can impact your ability to use the computer or read, particularly for longer periods of time.

Chronic dry eyes are particularly bad. In some cases, it can result in corneal scarring, which can hamper your vision for life. If your eyes are particularly dry, head to your doctor in short order to prevent further issues from developing.

Vision Changes

Having vision changes that improve when you blink can be a sign that you may be having vision problems. Consulting an ophthalmologist in St. Augustine can help you to address those critical changes.

Your eyes are valuable and sensitive. Give them the time and attention needed to improve how your eyes feel, and you will be seeing clearly for a long time to come.

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