What Is Voluma?

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Surgery


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According to facial aesthetic experts, an attractive face is recognized as having smooth, round contours, a thin jawline and high cheekbones. These areas of the face form the triangle of beauty. As we get older, our faces will slowly start to show the inevitable signs of aging. Skin will drop, elasticity will reduce and fat loss will occur in the face. This will lead to a less attractive face, leading many women to seek out treatments for Voluma in Chicago and all over the world. Voluma treatments use the latest chemical fillers designed to restore the face to its volume full potential, plus add beautiful and defining contours to the jaw.

How Does Voluma work?

Voluma is a very popular treatment, and can be found at many reputable surgeries, you can find treatments of Voluma in Chicago, or do a simple google search to find providers in your local area. Voluma works by adding subtle volume to the areas of the triangle of beauty that reduce and drop with age. Extreme weight loss and age can both lead towards droopy skin, sagging temples and an undefined jawline. Voluma targets these areas and restores the face back to its youthful and attractive glory.

Which Areas Can Voluma Be Used?

Voluma is commonly used in various areas of the face. Any of the aforementioned parts of the triangle of beauty can be touched up with Voluma to bring back volume and attractiveness to the face. Voluma can also be used in tandem with botox to give a neck lift.

How Long Does Voluma Last?

Voluma treatments have been studied in many clinical trials. The volumising results will last up to 18 months, but can and will vary from person to person. There is no way to give a definitive answer to this question.

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