Sound Hearing Care Service in Lancaster PA Patients Can Depend Upon

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Health


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Hearing loss is more than just a minor inconvenience. Studies have shown demonstrable links between a diminishment or substantial loss of hearing and diminishment of memory and intellectual function and the maintenance of proper balance. This is because hearing provides a crucial feedback mechanism to assist in navigation while in motion, and this in addition to allow us to receive new information. Hearing loss can be crippling at any age. This is certainly true where two groups are concerned: the elderly and the very young.

Everyone expects a degree of hearing loss as we age. But when a child has an impairment, this can have very serious repercussions where development is concerned. Much of our capacity to learn to speak depends upon our ability to hear our own voice as well as the voice of others. Again, a feedback mechanism which allows the brain to correct word pronunciation and diction relies for much of its function on the hearing sense. Without that feedback, a child can never really learn to speak properly, articulately, nor ever be able to correct errors in speech. For the elderly, progressive loss of hearing leads to a progressive diminishment of one’s overall quality of life. The tragic effects of this condition include information loss, loss of proper balance while walking, increasing frustration, personality changes, and in extreme cases the acceleration of the onset of dementia.

Providers of hearing care service in Lancaster, PA are certified otolaryngologists: meaning they specialize in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) care. Theirs is an intimate understanding of the anatomy of that part of the head and how damage or infection in one area affects the rest. This particularly applies in ENT care for child patients who can develop serious ear infections as a result of a spreading of germs from a throat infection, and how a serious enough condition could result in hearing damage. They are also thoroughly trained in otological health and the various issues which can develop to impair hearing, from tinnitus to disease processes to physical damage to the ear canal and eardrum.

If you suspect either you or your child has a hearing problem, look up our website at . Explore our pages and discover the range of services provided by our staff of professional otolaryngologists when considering hearing care service in Lancaster, PA.

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