What Is Spine Rejuvenation And How Does It Help Chronic Pain?

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Pain Management


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Patients suffering from back and neck pain due to spinal compression often find that pain medications do not provide adequate relief. This form of pain management temporarily relieves some of the symptoms but does not address the underlying problem. For those interested in improving spinal health through physical rehabilitation and muscle strengthening, Spine Rejuvenation poses a better alternative to prescription medications and injections

Typically used in conjunction with spinal decompression therapies, Spine Rejuvenation helps to strengthen the muscles supporting the spine. Without this therapy, decompression provides only temporary results. In comparison, the therapies, when paired together, address the underlying causes of back pain through correctional therapy and strengthening exercises.

Common techniques employed in the field include using body weights, making posture corrections, and isometric exercises. Many of these techniques can be learned by patients and performed in their own homes for maximum effect, but it’s essential to consult a specialist before attempting any rehabilitative exercises. Flexibility and exercise testing must be performed to better understand a patient’s limitations and come up with a personalized therapy plan.

This therapy can be used in conjunction with other pain management solutions such as acupuncture, joint injections, medication, and lifestyle changes. Maintaining a balanced diet and regular physical therapy alone are enough for some patients, while others require a little bit of extra help in managing their pain. The best solution for most is to employ a variety of pain management techniques. This is best accomplished by attending a clinic that provides an integrated personal recovery plans and has the specialized and experienced staff on hand to help patients with all of these needs.

Aspire Pain Medical Center combines techniques from modern Western medicine and traditional Eastern medicine to give their patients access to a wider variety of treatment options. This ability to provide multi-disciplinary care is ideal in that it allows collaboration between specialists in fields as varied as acupuncture and neurosurgery. There’s no rule saying that modern and traditional medicine cannot mix and, in fact, when they do it often yields the best results for patients. Sick of debilitating pain and the side effects of ineffective pain medications? Why not look into finding an integrated solution for pain management today. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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