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Important Questions To Ask Any Gainesville GA Spine Doctor

Back pain and loss of movement in the spine is not a natural part of getting older. However, injuries, trauma, disease and specific types of medical conditions can result in pain and loss of mobility.

By working with a top spine doctor in Gainesville GA, it is possible to find a treatment option that can help to reduce or completely eliminate the back pain and mobility issues you are experiencing. With both non-invasive and invasive spine treatments, most patients find there is a range of treatments to consider.

Asking the right questions of a spine doctor helps patients to narrow down their choices in treatment. It also provides a better understanding of the condition why the doctor is making specific treatment recommendations.

What are the risks?

A top spine doctor should always explain the risks to the patients based on the specific surgical or non-surgical procedure selected. In most cases, non-surgical treatments have extremely limited risks, which is why they are the first choice in treatment, with surgery being the last option when other treatments are not successful.

What is the recovery time?

Most back surgery has a significant amount of recovery time involved, but this does vary based on the procedure. Recovery time is often limited movement and avoiding any type of lifting or carrying. The more significant the surgery, such as a spinal fusion, the longer the recovery time.

Recovery in Gainesville GA also includes physiotherapy to help to build up the muscles of the core of the body, providing support to the spine to prevent further injury.

What can I expect after recovery?

It is important to have a realistic understanding of what you can expect after the surgery. This can help you to determine if you wish to undergo the procedure or if you wish to pursue alternative treatment methods such as physiotherapy, deep massage or non-surgical treatment options. For more updates, visit our website .

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