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What Advantages Come with In Home Care in Washington DC?

There’s a decision to be made, and it has to do with where a loved one will live. On the one hand, there’s the option of moving to an assisted living facility. Another alternative is to arrange for in home care in Washington DC. Here are some of the reasons why the latter option is worth investigating closely.

The General Health of the Loved One

While there is no doubt that some help is needed, the loved one is basically in good health. It’s just that some tasks are too physically taxing to manage. What if someone came in several hours a day to provide in home care in Washington DC? Would that be enough to ensure that all the essentials are taken care of and the loved one enjoys an excellent quality of life? If so, then looking into caregivers who can provide this type of support is the way to go.

Staying in Familiar Surroundings

Your loved one spent decades turning a house into a home. Between the memories and the effort to make the place as comfortable as possible, the idea of having to leave it behind triggers a lot of sadness. If it’s not necessary to make such a change, why do it? They will be happier in familiar surroundings if there is someone around to lend a helping hand when it’s needed.

Keeping Loved Ones Close

After moving into a facility, there may be limits on how may guests can visit at the same time. By staying in the home, there are no such limits. The loved one is free to host birthday parties, holiday dinners, and any other family event that is desired. Being able to still actively participate in all these events will go a long way toward ensuring those later years are just as happy as the ones that came before.

Before deciding that a move is the only way to ensure a loved one has the right amount of care contact Capital City Nurses and learn more about the options for care at home. After talking with a representative, try this type of arrangement for a few months and see how it goes. If in home care works for them, then there is no need to look at any other solution.

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