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Treating the Debilitating Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis with a Foot Specialist

Medical conditions of the feet and ankles come in many forms. The feet and ankles have a network of intricate parts that work together collectively to make them comfortable to walk on. Plantar Fasciitis in Racine is an inflammatory condition that affects the heel and arch of the foot. A connective tissue called plantar fascia gets swollen and tender. It extends from the toes to the heel bone. Overpronation is the leading cause of it. The foot turns inward too much while walking. It extends the arch of the foot and puts stress on the plantar fascia. Sooner or later the plantar fascia develops inflammation if the tension never subsides.

Most cases of plantar fasciitis in Racine can be treated without surgery. The plantar fascia tissue is not meant to stretch. It’s only designed to support the weight of the body. A Foot Specialist has to find the reason why the band of tissue is stretching and stop it from happening. Exercises that stretch the tissue only make it worse. Increasing blood flow through the bottom of the foot helps by supporting the healing process. The best modalities for cure use techniques that relax the plantar. A foot wrap keeps the plantar tissue in place and relieves pain and swelling. There are other foot wraps that rouse blood circulation for accelerated healing. A foot and ankle clinic has orthotic devices that promote healing of the tissue. Anti-inflammatory medicine can be prescribed as well.

Plantar fasciitis in Racine can easily return with another injury. The tissue can be damaged again if a heavy load of weight puts excessive pressure on the healed plantar. Those experiencing the symptoms of damaged plantar tissue should consult with their foot doctor before attempting any healing mechanisms. There are some exercises that may temporarily relieve pain and stiffness but actually worsens the condition. Exercises and devices that stretch the tissue instead of keeping it immobile will do this. Foot & Ankle Specialists of Racine assist in the healing process by showing patients how to avoid recurrence of an injury, teaching exercises that promote healing without stretching the plantar fascia and providing each patient with a treatment plan that heals their own degree of tissue damage. For more information visit Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers website online.

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