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Telemedicine Services Are Featured at Animal Clinic in Yorktown, NY

According to researchers, the telehealth market is reaching dramatic levels of growth. Experts also see veterinary telemedicine growing in pace with the larger human healthcare segment in the marketplace. Indeed, an animal clinic in Yorktown, NY, is much more adept at supporting patient care by taking advantage of the internet and today’s technologies.

Defining Telemedicine

Telemedicine, by definition, is any form of medical practice in which diagnostic information, such as telemetry, telepathology, or teleradiology, is transmitted by a vet who also performs teleconsultations. Because of digital technologies, veterinarians can gain diagnostic results through remote communications. For example, a doctor may e-mail an image to a specialist or hold a video conference with a clinician to discuss a lab result, x-ray, or a patient.

Telemedicine is offered based on two concepts. Synchronous or real-time telemedicine requires the presence of both parties and a communication channel between them. Alternatively, asynchronous telemedicine entails obtaining medical data and then transmitting the information to a medical specialist for an assessment offline. It does not require the presence of both parties at one time.

A Communications Advantage

If you regularly visit an animal clinic that offers telemedicine services, your pet can receive the care it needs faster and more efficiently. Advancements in information technology and communication offer new opportunities for the delivery of pet care and services. As a result, real-time telemedicine involving video and text chats has become more feasible, thanks to the availability of broadband connections.

Indeed, veterinary telemedicine is one technology that should be implemented in all vet practices in the US. An animal clinic that uses this innovation then makes it possible for animals to receive veterinary care in a much shorter span of time.

A Science that Creates a Better Outcome

Not only is animal care enhanced, but the practice of veterinary medicine becomes just that more enriched. You can get more information about this IT innovation when you make an appointment with a clinic that features telemedicine services. Make sure your pet is provided with all the benefits that technology brings into this field of medicine.

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