Is Your Puppy Biting Excessively?

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Animal


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Puppy biting can be an inevitable part of adopting a new furry friend, and it can be a very frustrating habit to break. It can be painful for anyone that comes into contact with your puppy. Puppies can be nippy until they are about five months old. They may be biting to engage you or simply because they are teething.

When Is a Proper Time to Address Puppy Biting?

You can address puppy biting as soon as it happens. The most critical time to address this negative behavior is when it happens. You don’t have to wait for weeks to see if your puppy will continue to bite or whether they learn it is not appropriate behavior. If this problem is not addressed, it can surely continue.

Should You Use a Training Collar?

Training collars may not be suggested because they don’t promote a bond between owner and dog. Pain may not be the best method to train a dog.

Say “Ouch”

You may have heard that saying “ouch” and walking away can be an effective way of telling a dog that you are being affected by their biting. Interactions you have with your puppy should be based on communication.

Does Your Puppy Bite Excessively?

If your puppy play bites excessively, it could mean that you have a high-energy puppy. If you have a puppy biter on your hand you may also be prepared to know when they may bite you. If you provide them with enough exercise and playtime, you may be able to discourage their biting. You can use a toy to curve puppy biting. You can be one step ahead by having a toy your puppy like. Let them know that the toy is okay to bite, while you are not the toy to bite. This lets them know that there are things that they can bite and things that they cannot. An animal hospital in South Loop can provide you with tips to help stop your puppy from biting.

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