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Normal or Organic: The Difference Between Beauty Salons in North Bend, WA

Organic salons are starting to pop up across the nation, especially in the wonderful state of Washington. But is it really worth going to an organic salon rather than a regular beauty salon? If you’re wondering if going to an organic salon is worth it, here are some differences that might help you make up your mind.

Regular Salons

Generally, regular beauty salons in North Bend, WA are much cheaper than organic salons, though both are going to be a little pricey. The biggest difference, though, is that regular salons use mostly products that have ammonia and other harmful chemicals in them. These chemicals could severely damage your hair and possibly even make it fall out.

If you’re willing to risk your hair, though, regular beauty salons can do a number of things to style your hair. One very good example is the numerous colors that can be done professionally to change your hair to any color of the rainbow.

Organic Salons

On the opposite side of the coin are organic salons. Though they are quite a bit pricier, they use products that are both ammonia- and chemical-free. This leaves your hair looking and feeling silky smooth.

Since many organic salons such as Lula Ruby Salon use ammonia-free products, it might be a bit more difficult to have your hair dyed bright pink or neon blue. This is due to the amount of bleaching and dyeing that it takes to do this kind of dyeing.

All in all, whether you choose an organic salon or a regular beauty salon, your hair is going to look fantastic. The only major differences when it comes to these two are price and product use. Your hair is exactly that, your hair, so go out and do whatever you want with it!

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