Some Common Questions You May Have About Tummy Tucks in Chicago

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Health


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An area prone to fat from age or weight loss is the abdominal area. Luckily, cosmetic surgery in Chicago called a tummy tuck might remedy this issue. Here are some answers to a few common questions you may have.

What Happens During a Tummy Tuck?

The doctor commonly performs the procedure under general anesthesia so that you will be asleep during the cosmetic surgery in Chicagoprocedure. The doctor makes the incision running hip to hip on the bathing suit line so it can be hidden by clothing. They tighten the muscles by pulling the skin taut to the ribcage, trimming the excess skin, and then closing the incision.

Who is a Good Candidate?

An ideal tummy tuck candidate commonly appears fit, but they have loose abdominal skin that hangs over the pubic region. They are within 20 to 30 pounds of their ideal body weight, done having kids, and done dieting.

You need a healthy heart and lungs and should not be prone to keloid scars or have connective tissue disorders. You want to get rid of excess fat but have elastic expectations on what it can accomplish.

How Long Does It Take for Results to Show?

You may see a sleek look two weeks after the procedure but expect to wait around six months for the final results to show. Your scars will usually be visible for about a year, but they should lighten and flatten during this time. A tummy tuck isn’t designed to assist with weight loss, so you still must maintain your normal diet and exercise routines.

A tummy tuck may be the solution to tighten your midsection when nothing else works. If you think cosmetic surgery in Chicago is for you, contact Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C. now.

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