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What Factors Should I Consider to Find the Best Eyelid Surgeon?

Surgeries, whether major or minor, can cause potentially life-threatening complications. However, if your doctor has told you that you need to go for eyelid surgery, you shouldn’t worry much. Find the best eyelid surgeon in Chicago and get the job done. The following pointers will help you determine whether the surgeon you are about to choose is well qualified:

Licensed Credentials

Every state does have a medical board that licenses medics, including surgeons. But before they get licensed, they must meet thresholds, including medical training, experience, and professional conduct. Therefore, before you settle on an eyelid surgeon, make sure you confirm their credentials to certify their license and insurance.

Good Ratings

The other factor to consider is the surgeon’s rating. Websites such as ProPublica and will come in handy during this search. They will help you determine the surgeons’ ratings, the number of procedures undertaken, and the complication rates. This will give you a clear idea of the surgeon’s expertise.


Getting referrals and recommendations is another factor to consider when searching for the best eyelid surgeon in Chicago. Besides asking your primary doctor for the best referral, you can also inquire from close friends and families.

Consider The Experience

Experience is a weighty factor. A highly experienced surgeon is most likely to produce good results. Therefore, ask the surgeon the number of patients they have operated on in the past. Also, get to know the years of practice the surgeon has pursued since the training.

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