Signs it’s Time to See Glaucoma Experts in Appleton, WI

by | Mar 29, 2018 | eye care center


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Between 9 and 12 percent of all cases of blindness reported in the United States are caused by glaucoma, a group of eye diseases for which there is currently no cure. Early diagnosis can go a long way toward preventing glaucoma damage and maintaining a patient’s sight, though, which is why it’s essential that everyone know the early symptoms of these diseases. Should any of the symptoms described below begin to make an unwelcome appearance, be sure to contact Glaucoma Experts in Appleton WI immediately for an official diagnosis?

Loss of Peripheral Vision

The loss of peripheral or side vision is typically the first noticeable symptom of early-stage glaucoma. As this issue progresses, it turns into tunnel vision, which can make it extremely difficult for patients to perform normal daily tasks. Failing to take action immediately will only allow this vision loss to worsen, and those who choose not to visit a specialist can expect that they will be completely blind by the time the disease has run its course.

Halos Around Lights

Many patients with early-stage glaucoma report seeing rainbow-colored halos around lights. Increased light sensitivity can be another early warning sign of glaucoma, although it can also be attributed to several other eye diseases. Only a specialist can offer an official diagnosis, so make an appointment as soon as possible.

Pain in the Eye and Head

Angle-closure glaucoma, a variety of glaucoma that develops very quickly, often causes eye pain and headaches. This pain is sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting or redness in the eye. Any eye pain should always be evaluated by a specialist who can determine its underlying cause and come up with a treatment plan.

Clouded Cornea

There is a common misconception that Glaucoma Experts in Appleton WI only treat elderly patients; in reality, though, childhood glaucoma is as serious as those forms of the disease that occur later in age. One of the most common symptoms of childhood glaucoma is a cloudy-looking cornea, so parents who notice this symptom in their children should schedule an appointment with their eye doctors as soon as possible. Get more information about one office that can help online today.

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