Telehealth – Accessing Quality Health Care from the Safety of Home

by | Jul 24, 2020 | eye care center


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Even during difficult times, maintaining regular health care is important. General medical, specialists, and mental health appointments can be accessed through telehealth, a way for long-distance patient care. Eyesight is one of the most important senses. Therefore, eye care specialists in Jacksonville, FL is an essential part of regular health care, impacting many aspects of daily life. Although in medical clinics patient and provider safety is a priority, with many medical provides increasing already extensive safety protocols to maintain a safe environment, many individuals may feel more comfortable utilizing telehealth, or virtual appointments, to remain home while receiving quality healthcare services.

Using telehealth is simple. From a phone, tablet, or computer, your healthcare professional sends a link that will be used to join the appointment. Communication occurs via the internet and includes a comprehensive review of the health history, analysis of symptoms or health concerns, and discussion of possible plans of care to meet the healthcare needs. Like a normal appointment, both parties are able to both see and hear each other. The use of layered security protocols supports patient privacy and protects confidentiality during these virtual appointments.

Quality and patient centered health care is available, even from the safety and comfort of home. With almost 50 years of history in the community, eye care specialists in Jacksonville, FL, understand the complexity of eye care and offer a variety of specialized eye care including Lasik, and specialized interventions for cataracts and glaucoma, all performed by leaders in their perspective fields. Protect your eyesight and contact Florida Eye Specialists in Jacksonville, FL, for telehealth appointments at today!

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