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What to Look for in a Sober Living Facility

The period directly after detox and initial treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most vulnerable points in a recovering addict’s life. Stress and common triggers cause the instance of relapse to be incredibly common in the newly-sober. Sober living facilities assist these people in remaining sober while rebuilding their broken lives.

What Sober Living Homes Provide

The best sober living homes offer a combination of structure, security, supervision and support. These factors are some of the most crucial in the ongoing success of newly-recovered addicts. Some features to look for in an ideal sober living facility include:

  • Comfortable environment that makes residents feel at home.
  • Welcoming atmosphere that encourages dialogue and fosters trust.
  • Qualified, knowledgeable addiction treatment staff who do not judge or allow judgement of patients’ circumstances or history.
    Ample activities provided for residents to prevent restlessness, assist with social support and create opportunities for growth during the rebuilding process.

The resident should have the ability to reach out to family and support staff as needed, while also being closely monitored to prevent relapse and remain sober and focused on creating a new and improved life for themselves, post-recovery.

Worried About Recovery? Make it a Vacation!

Florida, California and other sunny, seaside areas are a perpetually popular choice for sober living accommodations. This is likely because of the gorgeous scenery and pleasant weather seen in these locations, not unlike a holiday for temporary residents in recovery.

Boynton Beach, FL is one of many smaller Floridian communities that offer excellent options for people in recovery who are seeking a stable and supportive environment. Boasting some of the best sober living homes in the area, the community provides an ideal combination of laidback lifestyle and clinical excellence for patients looking to detox and destress. It’s no wonder people from all over the United States flock to this and other quiet, coastal locations for sober living options.

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