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Procedure Steps for a Nose Job, Choose a Professional in Aurora, IL

Rhinoplasty surgery, otherwise known as a nose job, is the perfect solution for people who have very large or very small noses. If your nose is not in proportion to your face, you can have it changed to be more aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, residents in Aurora, IL may find that after the surgery, they can breathe easier.


Because your face must be cut to make the changes to the nasal area, medications are provided so that you are more comfortable. Your surgeon can determine whether general anesthesia or IV sedation is best for you.


A nose job – Rhinoplasty surgery requires incisions, which can be inside the nose or across the narrow strip separating the nostrils (called the columella). Residents in Aurora, IL should talk with their doctor about which incision site is best for them. Once the incision has been made, the skin covering cartilage and bones is raised up gently so that the reshaping can commence.


If you hope to reduce the shape of your nose, bone and cartilage can be removed. If you want to make it larger so that it is in proportion with the rest of your face, cartilage grafts may be essential. However, septum cartilage is usually used to make the nose bigger. However, your surgeon can also use ear or rib cartilage. During this time, the doctor can also correct a deviated septum.


Once the reshaping process is done, the nasal tissues and skin are draped back over the bone, and the incision is closed. You might have to use splints to support the healing process.

A nose job should be considered by anyone who wants to change the shape or structure of their noses. Visit the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery near Aurora, IL for more information today.

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