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How to Choose a Flight Nurse

If your loved one is recovering from surgery, and needs to get on a plane, looking for a medical escort can ensure your family’s comfort and security in transit. Before you choose one, though, here’s a list of helpful tips to keep in mind.

Check credentials

You’ll want to hire the services of a certified flight nurse. Be sure to check out the nurse’s education, training, and work history before you pick one. Keep in mind that you’re handing over the care and safety of someone you love. Do your best to hire the right one.

Consider know-how

A good nurse will know what to do to take care of your loved one. Whether it’s to prevent any injuries or damage during the flight or to dress wounds, a good nurse stays alert and that’s a skill you’ll want your nurse to have.

Observe patient care quality

Is the nurse knowledgeable? Does the nurse know the best way to ensure your loved one’s comfort? These are excellent signs that you’ve hired the right certified flight nurse for the job. A pro will have no problem thinking on her feet, Career Match says, and will do the best she can to provide your loved one with any help and assistance necessary.

Factor in doctor’s competence

Is the nurse competent? Does she perform necessary procedures quickly and without delay? Is the nurse able to evaluate your loved one’s injuries quickly and knows how to take vital signs in case the situation may call for it? Then those are indications that you’ve got a good nurse to look after your loved one’s health.

Check out the company

One way to make sure you’re hiring the right medical escort is to check out the medical assistance company’s reputation. A solid reputation in the field is a good place to start your inquiries.

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