4 Ways to Speed Your Recovery After Getting an Abdominoplasty

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Doctor


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If you tell a friend you’re considering having an abdominoplasty in Pearl River NY, that person may not immediately know that procedure by its medical name. However, mentioning you’re getting a tummy tuck may cause instant recognition. All serious evaluations of that surgery should include thinking about the recovery time and understanding what to do during that phase.

Listen to Your Doctor and Your Body

The average amount of recovery time for this procedure is between four and six weeks. However, bodies heal at different rates, so you should not be too fixated on timelines you’ve read about and expect them to apply to your case. Instead, listen to your doctor’s orders and immediately report anything about your recovery process that seems strange.

Don’t Place Strain On Your Incisions

Hopefully, you’ve chosen a knowledgeable surgeon who has verifiable experience with doing this procedure in New York or other locations. If so, that professional should caution you about how important it is to be aware of your incision sites and avoid doing things that could cause them to open or become irritated.

You will likely have to experiment with new ways of moving for a while, and should always get assistance with activities that could be risky, such as lifting a heavy bag of groceries onto the counter. It usually takes at least two weeks for incisions to heal fully.

Remain Consistently Active

Based on what you’ve just read, it may seem like a person who just underwent an Abdominoplasty in Pearl River NY must stay immobile for the entire duration of the recovery. However, that’s not accurate. A complete lack of mobility could make an individual more likely to experience serious complications, such as blood clots.

Be sure to ask your surgeon about the types of activities you can safely do while recovering. The answer will differ depending on your circumstances, but in general, walking around the house and doing simple daily tasks is permissible, and a great way to stay active on a regular basis as your body progresses through the healing process.

Always Keep Your Follow-Up Appointments

If everything is seemingly going well with your recovery, it may feel tempting to cancel a scheduled follow-up appointment. However, these visits with your doctor are integral parts of recovering, and they could prevent problems. Always prioritize going back to the plastic surgeon regularly as recommended.

Getting a tummy tuck could help you feel better about your body. Additionally, the tips above should make it, so you feel better while recovering from the surgery. Browse the website for more information.

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