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3 Foot Care Problems That Require the Expertise of a Podiatrist

Most people take their feet for granted until something happens, such as unexplained pain or an injury. When you do experience a foot problem, you’ll have to see a podiatrist in Plainfield to help you treat it. In particular, here are a few times when a foot specialist is the best type of doctor to help you.

Flat Feet
If you have flat feet, you may not know that it’s a serious problem that can lead to other medical issues. In particular, walking on flat feet can cause damage to the alignment of the bones in your legs. The condition can ultimately lead to hip problems later in life. A podiatrist can prescribe devices, such as an arch support or foot brace, to help fix the problem.

Diabetic Neuropathy
This is a condition in which high blood glucose levels lead to damage of the nerves in the lower legs and feet. As a result, you may not notice when you have suffered an injury or developed skin ulcers. A podiatrist will work with your primary care doctor to ensure your feet remain as healthy as possible. They may recommend preventative care practices to help you guard against these problems.

Fungal Infections
Athlete’s Foot and fungal infections of the toenails can become irritating and painful, but they will also lead to more serious problems if left untreated. A podiatrist in Plainfield can prescribe lotions or ointments to treat these types of infections. They may also prescribe antibiotics to be taken orally to help your body fight the infection.

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