How to Better Plan and Manage Clinical Data Abstraction Projects

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Health


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Making plans for your medical facility to have clinical abstraction services hired to complete a designated project is one way to help define the scope of the work, which helps keep it within budget. Keep reading to find the best ways to ensure you are on top of managing and setting up the project right.

The depth and scope of your abstraction plan will become apparent when you have a team make the decisions on exactly what clinical data needs to be abstracted. Most of this will be dependent on the intended use. The more extensive the information gathering is, the longer the project will take. You can better plan the scheduling and amount of personnel that will need to be hired to get the project completed.

Abstracting clinical data correctly comes at a cost. You need individuals that know and are comfortable with medical coding. Get a few estimates on how much this will cost. Make sure you have earmarked the necessary funding before the project begins. You don’t want to end up halfway through and find out you haven’t designated the right budget of funds.

Not all data abstraction is in the same league with clinical abstraction. It’s a specialized field of data abstraction dealing heavily with medical terminology and codes. Only hire a company that can demonstrate proficiency and experience with the information you need. It can prove costly to go with a company that only lightly touches on data abstraction for medical services.

Adequate planning and putting the right people in place will allow you to get your clinical data gathered and moved at rates that are affordable for your budget and have it done timely.

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