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5 Reasons to See Your Family Physician in Andover, Kansas Today

A demanding schedule often keeps us busy that we often have little to no time for regular checkups and visits to the doctor. If you encounter any of the following signs, though, it might be time to make an appointment with your family physician in Andover, Kansas right away.

You’re thirsty all the time

A lot of people might simply attribute to having good drinking habits. But it could also be a sign of diabetes. If any of your relatives have this condition, then you’ll want to pay regular visits to your doctor to establish your health risk, The Muse says.

Your fever keeps coming back

If you’ve got a high fever that keeps coming back and it’s been going on for more than three days now, then that could be a sign that a serious infection is at play. Get to your family physician in Andover, Kansas now and find out what’s wrong.

You’ve lost weight

Losing weight because you’ve been dieting or exercising is a reason to be happy because it means all your hard work has paid off. However, if you suddenly lost weight out of the blue, that could be because of stress or an underlying condition. Don’t start celebrating until you talk to your doctor.

You’re short of breath

Lack of exercise could be why you find yourself short of breath after climbing the stairs or running for a jog. However, if you aren’t exercising or climbing stairs, there could be another reason for your breathlessness. Know more when you pay a visit to your physician.

You have side-effects

Before you undergo any procedure or take any new medication, know the risks. Ask your doctor. If you experience any of the side-effects, let your doctor know right away. Your physician can advise you on what to do next—whether to simply wait out the symptoms until they run their course or if you need to switch to a new medication.

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