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How Elderly Care Philadelphia, PA Services Help Visually Impaired Seniors

If your aging loved one is visually impaired, he or she might benefit from elderly care in Philadelphia, PA. Many seniors with visual impairments are afraid to lose their independence; however, getting the help they need at home can alleviate their concerns. Here are some ways a home care services provider can help enhance your senior loved one’s quality of life as he or she struggles with vision loss.

Meal Preparation

Visually impaired seniors may no longer have the ability to prepare their meals. They may be unable to safely chop vegetables or drain boiling water from a pot of pasta. Visually impaired seniors may also be unable to inspect food for mold growth. If an aging adult eats spoiled food, he or she can become extremely ill, especially if the person has low immunity. The home care provider can prepare healthy meals for your loved one, and if the senior wants to participate in meal preparation, the caregiver will be there to supervise.

Grocery Shopping

Seniors with poor eyesight may be unable to do their grocery shopping. They may be unable to read labels and prices or even walk around the grocery store safely. Choosing fresh produce can also pose challenges for visually impaired people. Unless people inspect their food, they may end up with fruits and vegetables that aren’t fresh. A professional in elderly care in Philadelphia, PA, will also ensure that the visually impaired senior does not get overcharged when paying for groceries in the checkout line.

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