Primary Care Doctors in Miami Beach, FL, Offer Tips on Smoking Cessation

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Health


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Cigarette smoking raises your risk for heart disease, respiratory disorders, stroke, and high blood pressure. Nicotine is highly addictive, and because of this, you may be unable to quit on your own. Your primary care doctor in Miami Beach, FL, can offer you a number of helpful tips on smoking cessation such as these.

Exercise More

Many people who smoke do not get enough exercise. Your doctor will encourage you to increase your physical activity level because it can help diminish your nicotine cravings. Exercise promotes the release of certain brain chemicals and neurotransmitters known as dopamine and endorphins. These substances promote feelings of well-being and are thought to reduce cravings in those with addiction problems.

If you are not accustomed to regular exercise, get a physical examination before embarking on a new fitness routine to make sure that you are healthy enough to exercise regularly. Your primary care doctor in Miami Beach, FL, will advise you against over-exerting yourself while exercising and stop if you feel short of breath, weak, dizzy, or if you develop chest pain.

Nicotine Replacement Products

Your physician may also recommend that you try nicotine replacement products such as chewing gum or patches. These products deliver small amounts of nicotine into your system to help reduce your urge to smoke. When using a nicotine replacement product, do not smoke because doing so may cause a dangerous cardiac arrhythmia as a result of nicotine overload.

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