Getting Relief From Sinus Infection in Allentown PA

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Diseases


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A Sinus Infection in Allentown PA is a common medical complaint. The sinuses are cavities, or open spaces, on either side of the nose. When you inhale through the nose, air travels through your nasal passages and into your sinuses before making its way down into your lungs. In the best of all possible worlds, you are blissfully unaware of what happens in this empty space as you effortlessly inhale. Unfortunately, at some point in life, most people become uncomfortably aware of their sinuses when the tissue becomes inflamed and swollen, making the passage of air difficult or impossible. Sinus infections can have multiple causes that will determine how they are best treated.

An inflamed sinus cavity is called sinusitis or a sinus infection. Acute sinusitis is a serious and persistent infection that has lasted for more than four weeks, and it may be accompanied by a headache, a cough, or even a fever. Although there are many causes of sinus inflammation, including allergies, smoking, or a deviated septum, an acute sinus infection is generally caused by either a virus or a bacteria.

It is important to know whether a case of sinusitis is viral or bacterial because the cause determines the treatment options. If the infection is caused by a bacteria, the infection can usually be treated successfully with an antibiotic.

A viral sinus infection, on the other hand, does not improve with antibiotics, but some treatments for symptom relief are effective. These may include a steroid nasal spray and/or pain relief medication.
If medications don’t help, endoscopic surgery may also be an option to treat sinusitis. This involves a thin scope inserted into the nasal passage to give the doctor a view of the sinus cavity. The purpose of the surgery is to remove any polyps or scar tissue that are causing a blockage.

The surgery is a non-invasive out-patient procedure. A sinus infection can be severe, painful, and long lasting. If this is the case, it is a good idea to seek help from a doctor. An ear, nose, and throat specialist or ENT can diagnose and treat your sinus infection. An ENT can help you get relief from discomfort and breathe freely again.

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