Reasons Women Use Egg Freezing in San Antonio, TX

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Health


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Fertility procedures are not necessarily just for couples that are faced with existing infertility problems. Some methods, like egg freezing, are completed to provide a level of insurance against future problems. They are the solution for people who are not ready to become parents at the moment but are planning on beginning a family at some future point. Utilizing these methods provides a level of assurance that their future plans will not be determined by biological factors.

Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX can be done when a woman is undergoing in vitro fertilization and wants to save some of the harvested eggs for future births. This reduces the number of procedures they will need to undergo with their next pregnancy and ensures them that none of the viable eggs are destroyed. It is a safe method of preservation and is less conflicting for patients who believe that embryo freezing is immoral due to their religious beliefs.

Women can also use this method if they must undergo a medical procedure that may affect their fertility. For example, this is useful for women with cancer and facing radiation treatments. Once their cancer treatments are complete, and they are healthy enough to become pregnant, they can use the preserved eggs for themselves or with a surrogate to have a child that is biologically their own.

Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX is also a viable option for career-minded women who want to pursue their education and careers first and begin a family later in life. Since fertility levels can decline as women age, particularly after 40, this method helps to provide security for the woman that there will be an option even if becoming pregnant on their own is difficult later on.

Contact Fertility Institute of Texas to learn more about egg preservation, fertility treatments, and the procedures available to individuals and couples. The procedures are more effective and more frequently performed today than they have ever been before. Many people are able to use the techniques offered to begin or increase their families. An initial consultation can make it easier for anyone to see if these methods are the right fit for their needs.

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