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Understanding Varicose Veins And How You Can Treat Them

Veins are apart of our bodies and transport blood to the heart and vital organs throughout the body. Veins flow the blood in one direction and ensure that the heart receives the blood it needs. When the veins don’t work as they should, varicose veins result. Many people with this condition begin to feel self conscious and begin looking for a resolution to the problem. To understand varicose veins and the best treatment options for them, it helps to do a bit of research so the condition can be properly addressed.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are lumpy, rope like veins that result when the valves break or fail to function normally. Although in some people the problem is purely a cosmetic one, in others, the issue tends to also result in health concerns. Some of the health problems associated with varicose veins include swelling, stretching, ulcerations of the lower leg, skin discolorations, and other health troubles.

What treatments are available?

There are treatments available for people living with varicose veins even though often people do not seek out these treatments. There are minimally invasive treatments available such as thermal ablation and endovenous therapy. The recovery time is short for endovenous therapy which allows the individual to return to their normal daily functions. Another option is the Closure procedure which uses ultrasound to close off a diseased vein.

It is best to go to the non invasive route when you are looking for treatment for varicose veins. Although there are surgical options such as vein stripping, these can have many side effects and require more extensive healthing times. Contact your local physician to discuss your treatment options and find out what will work best for you. Varicose veins are a treatable condition and you don’t have to live with them. Instead you can seek proper care and get the help you need.

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