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Facial Feminization Surgery in Plano, TX: Three Surgeries to Do First

Transforming oneself from male to female involves a lot of surgery. It is rare for a male to be feminine in appearance enough not to need some facial feminization surgery. If you are a transwoman, here are three surgeries most plastic surgeons recommend you do first prior to adding any more facial feminization surgery to your list of transformation to-do’s.

Tracheal Shave

A dead giveaway that you were once male is your Adam’s apple. If you are going to make a full transition to female, the last thing you want people to notice first is your Adam’s apple. The enlarged trachea is a hallmark of the transition between boyhood to adolescence and becoming an adult male. By shaving down the trachea and making it far less noticeable and prominent, people will not be able to tell that you were born male.

Chin Softening

Along with a tracheal transformation, you should soften your chin. Male chins are often hard, square things, a trait not shared with most natural-born women. By softening your chin, your profile almost immediately becomes more female.


Male noses dominate the face. Female noses are often softer, more curved, and smaller. If you have a very typical male nose, it’s going to throw your entire trans-female profile off. A rhinoplasty in this case reshapes your nose and makes it that cute little perky nose so many women seem to have.

If you are ready to get started on one or more of the three main surgeries to acquire a more feminine face, contact International Center for Transgender Care at

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