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Three Reasons That You Might Be Experiencing Heel Pain Right Now

Heel pain in Hyde Park can be some of the most devastating pain there is. It can put a damper on your activities and render you unable to take care of daily obligations. These are three reasons that you might be suffering such pain:

Improperly Fitting Shoes

Improperly fitting shoes are one of the leading causes of heel pain. You need to make sure that you buy shoes that are the right size and fit at all times. Ask for help when you’re shopping for shoes. Alternatively, you can talk to a foot specialist about the types of shoes that might be best for you to wear.

Bursitis From Repetition

A painful condition called bursitis can occur if you engage in repetitious activities that involve your feet. Be careful to wear support if you’re going to engage in prolonged activities that put stress on them.

A Fracture From an Injury

Finally, your heel may be bothering you if you’ve suffered an injury that you’re unaware of. You might have a fracture if you’ve suffered a recent fall or endured stress to certain parts of your feet.

It would be best for you to visit a doctor who can handle your heel pain in Hyde Park. The doctor can run some tests to find out the exact cause of the problem. He or she will then think of a treatment strategy so that you can feel better.

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