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Diagnostic & surgical equipment

Since 2004, Nano Medic Care has been a massive part of the medical industry in Malaysia. Our services have included import and export, distribution, and marketing of healthcare products, as well as being local representatives for various medical products. One example of this is diagnostic & surgical equipment.


A diagnostic device is so-called in that it is used as part of the process of diagnosis, looking at the nature or potential cause of a condition. This can include equipment such as devices used for magnetic resourcing imaging or temperature sensors.
Another common example would be X-ray machines, as they give you the chance to scan the body in order to detect something within the body that could potentially be causing problems.


There are numerous types of equipment that are used during surgery. Most people commonly think of scalpels used to perform incisions but there are also vital tools such as headlights, patient monitors, surgical microscopes, and ventilators.

All of these items are an important part of making sure a patient’s condition is checked during the surgery as well as working on the procedure itself.

We can help

Nano Medic Care is dedicating to providing the best products in terms of innovation, reliability, and quality. We also believe in bridging the quality gap so the people of Malaysia can have access to medical products and services at an affordable price. To find out more about our products and services please contact Nano Medic Care today.

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