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Looking into Getting a Versatile Medical Checklist out of Rochester, NY

When a hospital patient is checked in and placed in a room, attending staff will fill out a medical checklist and accompany the patient to each location that they are taken.

Custom medical checklists are created for each procedure and will be specific to the patient’s needs. Such process checklist boards are used in locations such as:

•Operating Room

•Pre-Op & Time Out

•Ambulatory Surgery


•Interventional Radiology

•Communication & Scheduling

•Cath Lab

•Eye Surgery


• Other checklist board designed specificly to procedure and location

Each med checklist board, available in varied sizes, is made of 1/4 clear acrylic. Their primary function is to help provide a means as a backup to human memory during routine as well as emergency procedures. The producing company’s design team, with input from practitioners and healthcare professionals in the industry throughout the nation, works to assure that the checklist addresses site-specific needs and is customized.

With the ability to be portable, the completely assembled board is designed to be wall-mounted. Once installed, patented sliders can be moved from red to green once a designated task is accomplished. Additional space can be created for a notes section or a count on the board. Located in all areas of the hospital, the implementation of checklist boards helps improve safety, teamwork, and communication. In one hospital trial, Checklist Boards delivered a decrease in re-admission during the first year of implementation. They also help to reduce infection rates and preventable errors.

For more information about checklist board options, check out Checklist Boards Corporation.

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