Cat Neutering And Spay To Reduce The Number Of Stray Cats And Promote A Lifetime Of Good Health

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Veterinary


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Services for Cat Neutering and Spay mitigates the problem with cats living on the streets. Stray cats mate with outdoor cats that have a home in large numbers. Female stray cats that have more than one litter in their lifetime multiplies the list of cats with no homes. The numbers continue to go up as more stray cats have kittens. Cat Neutering helps with population control and has benefits to health and behavior as well. Male cats that have been neutered reduce their risk of prostate issues later in life and resolves aggressive behavior in some. Spayed female cats reduce their risk of ovarian cancer and mammary gland tumors. With no heat cycles, male cats are not attracted to them. They are less likely to roam which can result in them getting lost or in fights with other cats. The life expectancy of cats increases if they have been spayed or neutered.

For the pets that do have loving homes, vaccinations and oral care are essential to good quality health. Cats and dogs get vaccinations to protect against diseases their species are most susceptible to. Veterinarians at Clinic need pets to be current on their vaccinations before being spayed or neutered. Oral care is important for both dogs and cats. Tartar and bacteria build up on their teeth and gums very easily. Infections of the gums can travel into the bloodstream and harm internal organs. Oral cleanings at a veterinarian clinic include scaling on teeth in areas closest to the gums. Tartar accumulates in these areas the most.

Lab tests reveal health issues that can’t be diagnosed in a physical exam. Dogs and cats get tested for heartworms, Lyme disease, Leukemia, immunodeficiency illnesses and contagious diseases. Diagnostic testing allows veterinarians to take the appropriate course of action to effectively treat diseases in early stages. It also protects other healthy animals from contracting diseases from sick animals. Other breakthrough veterinarian procedures available for pet health care is laser surgery and acupuncture. Laser surgery is done without using a scalpel to make large, deep incisions. Animals are not subjected to tissue damage and recovery times are quicker. Acupuncture targets the source of illnesses in animals and flushes out toxins that make an illness worse. It fortifies the healing abilities of the body, so pets become strong enough to beat a chronic illness. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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