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Has the Time Come for a Colonoscopy in Nassau County, NY

At the last physical, the family doctor noted that the patient has never had a colonoscopy in Nassau County NY. While not the most appealing type of procedure, now may be the ideal time to think about having one done. Here are some of the reasons why moving forward with this type of medical procedure is in the best interests of the patient.

The Age of the Patient

Many family doctors will recommend a colonoscopy in Nassau County NY once the patient has passed the age of 50. This is because of the increased risk of colon cancer after that age. Even if there does not appear to be any issues, this type of procedure is considered an ideal way to catch the cancer in the earliest stages. Early detection increases the odds for beating the cancer and being able to enjoy many more years of healthy living.

Something About the Digital Exam

Part of the physical is a digital exam that involves checking the rectum. If the sample removed from the rectum indicates the presence of blood or any other abnormality, there may be some concern about what is causing the issue. The colonoscopy provides clear images of the condition of the colon. In most cases, the results will show that there is no cancer present and no polyps that need to be removed.

For example, the presence of blood in the sample may be due to nothing more than straining on the part of the patient. In that scenario, the family doctor will likely recommend a change in diet so that it includes more fiber and allows for easier passage.

Family History

If other family members have been diagnosed with colon cancer, it never hurts to ensure that the same is not happening with the patient. The only way to be sure is to undergo a colonoscopy. Fortunately, the procedure does not take long, and the patient is under sedation the whole time. Taking a day off from work to have this done can clam any fears about cancer and also make it possible to treat any other condition that may be causing irritation.

If it’s time for a colonoscopy, Visit domain URL and confer with a medical professional. Once the procedure is done, and the results are back, it will be easier to know if any further treatment is needed.

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