What You Should Know About Fear Free Certified Veterinary Practices in Timonium, MD

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Veterinary


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Going to the vet is an anxious time for you and your pet. Animals don’t always understand the procedures and treatments that are being performed. Vet clinics can also be loud and busy places that make your pet feel even more uneasy. Fear Free Certified vet clinics help animals feel more at ease with their appointments. Here’s what you should know about local veterinary hospitals in Timonium, MD, that are Fear Free® certified.

Fear Free® Improves Animal Health

When your pet enjoys going to the vet, you feel more comfortable with following the recommended schedule of annual exams and vaccinations. When emergencies arise, you can focus on taking care of the medical needs of your pet rather than being overwhelmed with an anxious and fearful animal.

Pets Love Going to the Vet

Pets who are seen at local veterinary hospitals in Timonium, MD, that are certified in Fear Free® practices love going to the vet. These animals simply see their vet appointments as more opportunities to be the centers of attention by people who adore seeing them.

Lessons for Home

A veterinary practice that is Fear Free® certified works with owners to help them learn practices to use at home that complement the experience at the clinic. This is especially important if you ever need to perform home care for your animal, such as changing bandages, giving medications, and checking wounds for proper healing.

Where to Find Local Veterinary Hospitals in Timonium, MD, That are Fear Free® Certified

Companion Animal Care Center is a Fear Free® certified veterinary hospital that offers longer appointments, owner support, and other services to keep your pet relaxed and healthy. Call them today to learn more about their services and schedule an appointment.

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