5 Ways to Prepare for VNG Testing

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Health


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Taking a VNG for the first time can seem a bit scary. Here’s a bit of a guide to help you prepare for the test:

Stop taking medication

Taking certain medication? You might need to put a stop to that, at least temporarily. If you take any recreational drugs, pain medications or anti-depressants, then you’ll need to stop taking them about 48 hours before the testing. If you have any concerns or issues about stopping your medication, though, talk to your doctor about it. Diet pills, dizziness pills, decongestants, and allergy pills are also on the list of medication you’ll need to avoid.

Limit your food intake

Steer clear of heavy meals before the testing. Content yourself to a light one instead. In addition, you will also need to avoid caffeine and alcohol. Doing so will ensure the test results won’t get skewed. Avoid cola or carbonated drinks as well. You’ll also need to avoid solids at about 2 hours to 4 hours before the testing.

Take off your makeup

Avoid wearing any mascara on the day of your VNG procedure since these might get in the way of your testing. If you want your testing to be done right and to finish as soon as possible, then this is simple enough to do and remember. Also, be sure to take out your contact lenses before the testing. Just go with a clean face, one bare of any makeup, before you proceed to the testing area.

Be there on time

There might be other patients scheduled after you. Be sure to get to your appointment on time. Otherwise, you might need to reschedule.

It lasts for an hour

It often takes no more than an hour for the entire testing to be done, says Everyday Hearing. However, it’s best not to schedule this on your lunch hour since you might to rest after testing.

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