Considering Lasik? Here’s Who Will Play a Part in Your Surgery

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Optometrists


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If you have vision issues, you may be considering Lasik surgery. Of annual refractive procedures performed, over 95% are Lasik. It is popular, reliable and can be a life-changing procedure for those who receive it. So, what will your surgery entail, and who will have a hand in giving you the eyesight you’ve always dreamt of?


An optician is someone who fits people with glasses, contacts and accessories. These professionals are not qualified to diagnose diseases or treat conditions, and are therefore not considered Lasik doctors, regardless of education or qualification. However, your optician may be the first to suggest Lasik to you. If this is the case, consult with the rest of your vision care team about whether this procedure is right for you.


An optometrist if a more educated, qualified professional – typically with a doctorate degree – who provides improvement of vision with glasses and contacts, as well as diagnosis of conditions and diseases. However, most optometrists cannot treat these conditions beyond the use of lens prescription They can refer patients to an ophthalmologist, though, and start them on their way to Lasik surgery or other long-term options.


An ophthalmologist can do everything that your optometrist can do, as well as diagnose and treat ocular and macular conditions. These doctors specialize in surgery related to the eye and surrounding area. These are the Lasik doctors that will actually perform your surgery, as well as provide follow-up care while you recover.

A Team Effort

It is important that no matter who or how many professionals are involved in the care of your eyes and the path to receiving Lasik surgery, that they all stay informed about the treatment you are receiving. By keeping everyone on the same page, your various doctors and healthcare providers can work together to give you flawless vision and a better life.

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