The Importance Of Going Through Detox

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Health


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Detox or detoxification is a lengthy process. It involves the reduction and elimination from the body of such addictive substances as alcohol and drugs. While detoxification is not enough by itself to result in a successful recovery, it is the first step towards reducing and removing the dependency. In Broward County, many addiction specialists incorporate this particular process as an integral component of their programs.

Detoxification Process

The process of detoxification can be done as an inpatient or outpatient. The former refers to a residential program; the latter indicates an external setting in which the patient visits on a set schedule. Some professionals believe that for the program to be successful, the addict should reside inside a qualified and reputable facility devoted to addiction recovery.

Detoxification is generally not very comfortable to undergo. The removal of an addictive substance from the system can produce mild to violent reactions. These include nausea, headaches, vomiting and frayed nerves. At its worst, such withdrawal symptoms can result in seizures. This explains why Broward County professionals recommend inpatient treatment as it facilitates monitoring of the detox process.

Reputable inpatient facilities have on staff a qualified medical professional capable of ensuring the patient does not come to harm while making certain the process follows strict drug protocol. The specifics will vary according to the treatment facility. Two other factors affecting detoxification are the specific drug involved and the length of time of the addiction. These characteristics of the drug addiction will also influence the duration of the detoxification process.

Importance of the Detox Process

In Broward County, many recovery programs insist on detoxification as a component of their drug rehabilitation programs. They implement it, making it the first step of their treatment. Other professionals across America, while acknowledging detox to not be a sufficient means of obtaining drug-free results, believe it to be an important step on the road to recovery for any addict.

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