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5 Facts About Medical Weight Loss Programs

Even if one has done their research on medically supervised weight loss programs, they may not know everything there is to know about the process. For instance, some online programs can offer supervised help that’s just as good as-;or better than-;programs from bricks-and-mortar clinics. Below is an outline of some of the most interesting things people should know about medically supervised weight loss.

Medical Weight Loss Programs are Staffed by Doctors

Each practitioner is licensed, and they all receive additional training in the medical weight loss field. Not every physician knows how to help patients with quick, safe, effective weight loss, but the doctors at Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services can reliably and quickly point out weight gain’s hidden causes.

Doctor-Run Weight Loss Programs Include Counseling and Support

As a patient at Allegheny Medical, one receives unlimited advice from a staff of healthcare professionals such as diet coaches and nurses. The staff will help patients with their questions and concerns, and they’ll be there to listen.

The Doctors Can Design a Plan for the Patient

After the initial evaluation, the doctors work with nutritionists to design a custom meal plan centered around the patient’s goals and needs. There’s no guesswork in a medical weight loss clinic, because the team has done all the hard work for the patient.

Patients Can Get Prescription Diet Aids

Because the program is run by licensed physicians, patients get the benefit of access to prescription diet aids. Each of these medications have been created by doctors in adherence with the program’s protocol, to maximize patients’ results, and to be safe.

Medical Weight Loss Plans Have Follow-Up Care

Not all medical Weight Loss Programs are the same. At Allegheny, a good business practice, it’s a key component in the patient’s long-term success. The team will follow up with the patient until the goal is reached, and for a period after to ensure that the weight is kept off.

Hopefully, this article has offered a few new insights into medically supervised Weight Loss Programs. If one is considering going on a diet, they should consider the one offered by Allegheny Medical. With the number of new services and products available, patients can rest assured that they’ll avoid many of dieting’s common pitfalls. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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