Where to Purchase a Reliable Contrast Injector

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Health


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The advanced technology of health care and medical equipment make it necessary for those who manufacture the equipment more competitive. The equipment that different manufacturers present must be able to meet the demanding challenges of the other medical hardware with which they interface. This is true in radiology also, where there is much usage of the Contrast Injector. The contrast injector is used in conjunction with computed tomography (which some refer to as the CAT scan). The injector is used to push contrast through a person’s body by vascular means and then used to flush the contrast after everything is over.

The contrast systems that are used today employ digital technology that allows the user to have more control in CT imaging. They help the users to produce high-quality digital images. In order to keep these type of injectors producing the superior results that they do, it is necessary to ensure that they are properly maintained. Precise Bio Medical is an ISO 9000:2008 certified company that performs maintenance on these delicate medical devices, as well as other equipment and instruments of precision.

Precise BioMedical has prided itself on being a supplier of quality equipment and services that keep the customers from having to go to the OEM for the product or services. The parts that the company sell is guaranteed to be according to the specifications of the manufacturer, and carry a limited warrant, as well. The technicians at Precise BioMedical are qualified to perform preventative maintenance on contrast injectors and the supporting equipment. The company is also available for emergency repair services.

Many models of contrast injectors are available at Precise BioMedical. Four makes and models are Liebel-Flarsheim, MedRad, Bracco, and Empower CTA. The Empower CTA system was engineered to promote safety for the user’s use with patients, and also for the user to have more control. The needs of most modern facilities can be accommodated by using the Empower CTA system. If customers want to purchase this system or any of the other systems, Precise Bio Medical offers them. The company also offers a full range of supporting accessories and consumables. If more information is needed about the Contrast Injector, visit the website at http://precisebiomedical.com/.

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